We have an in-place, vertically integrated platform that includes fully operational teams in acquisitions, investor relations, asset management, leasing, accounting & controls, refinancing and dispositions. We also have well developed relationships throughout the industry, including a broad network of lenders, tenants, sellers, servicers, brokers, consultants, and vendors.



We have dedicated Acquisitions teams for both our New York City and National Value-Add investing strategies. Each team combs a landscape of hundreds of investment opportunities throughout the United States to curate a careful selection of investment opportunities that offer intrinsic value. A well-oiled machine built and hardened specifically for our investment strategies, we believe that our Acquisitions team are among the finest in the industry, and we’ve been told that very same thing by many industry peers.

Asset Management & Leasing

We have full in-house Asset Management & Leasing teams dedicated by asset type. Our teams work closely with third party local leasing brokers and property managers under a ‘hub and spoke’ model that maximizes local efforts while providing a day-to-day quarterback function that integrates those local efforts with the portfolio objectives of investors. Using our proprietary, institutional-grade resources and protocol, our Asset Management & Leasing teams serve as aggressive and professional executors of our business plans.

Dispositions & Refinancing

Our Dispositions & Refinancing team is the crucial gatekeeper of value realization. Rather than being the last stage of the investment lifecycle, our Dispositions & Refinancing team is actively involved in each asset from the closing date of each acquisition. Often accomplishing partial dispositions and immediate partial refinancing, our Dispositions & Refinancing team is actively involved at many points in the lifecycle to extract value and provide cash distributions to investors before ultimately harvesting assets and bringing business plans to a successful conclusion.

Fund Management & Investor Relations

We have formalized a Fund Management & Investor Relations function that provides daily attention to the needs and desires of our investors. Like a top-tier hotel, our fund management team provides anticipatory, rather than reactionary customer service to our investors and ensure that all of Cohen Equities’ departments are collectively providing a level of performance that honors the trust and investment that our investors have made in us and our assets.

Accounting & Controls

Our Accounting & Controls team oversees day-to-day accounting and financial reporting for a national portfolio of assets. They also oversee our audit activities and tax reporting and coordinate a wide range of external consultants and financial professionals in ensuring that institutional-grade reports and accounting procedures are provided. Managing a wide range of asset types in multiple geographies, our team ensures that all assets are diligently managed and that investor capital is protected.

Executive Management

Our Executive Management team, including and especially our principal, personally manages every aspect of our business together with our underlying departments. Far from being passive managers, our senior personnel are involved in every major issue that contributes to value or poses obstacles for our assets, often personally managing matters such as lease negotiations. Our executive management prides itself in actively developing young talent and being player-coaches throughout all of our firm’s activities. Investors can count on our senior personnel to exercise a granular degree of care that is rare and difference making.